domenica 4 dicembre 2016

Storie tradotte in inglese

I promised, time ago, to have some stories translated in English.

 The boy who made time stand still
Tranlsated by Angela Arnone

Once upon a time there was a little boy who owned only the ragged clothes he had on his back and a funny little coin that glowed even when all around was dark.He didn’t have a house and he didn’t have a family, but our wee boy never felt alone. He lived in a big city full of lights, voices and sounds, and he watched the world moving around him with the eyes of someone who is just waiting for something important to happen.He was happy, our little man. Every morning he was happy to see the yawning young coachman come out of the house, or the grumpy gardener hurrying off to sweep the leaves from the pavement. And he smiled when he heard the familiar sound of the watchmaker opening his shop, and smelled the sweet, warm aroma from the bakery on the corner.

The Violinist
Translated by Angela Arnone

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, a little town was getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Big wrought-iron streetlamps lit the town, with red bows and gold stars tied to every branch of every tree.
When the first shadows of night fell, an old man with a snow-white beard would walk along every street with a long lamplighter. He lit every streetlamp until the small town glowed with warm, flickering light.
It all seemed so perfect. The shops were decorated, elegant people rode in carriages, and smart houses overlooked long, tree-lined avenues.
But in that faraway town, a long time before, everyone had stopped dreaming. One night it began to snow. A thick snow, soft as a pillow, and slowly it muffled every sound, cloaking the small town in an eerie silence.